How is my luggage transferred on and off the vessel?


When arriving at the port you should hand over your luggage to the porters in order to pass the luggage control and be transferred to the entrance of the vessel where you have to recognise them before getting on board. When the vessel returns to Limassol at the end of the cruise your luggage must be locked and will be transferred to a special area in the passenger’s terminal where you have to recognise and receive them. According to the EU Directives the weight of each luggage should not exceed 23 kgs. The carriage of luggage and personal items is under the terms and conditions of carriage contained in the Carriage Agreement (i.e. your ticket) issued by the Carrier and you may obtain it along with the text of the Athens Convention from the Salamis Lines Ltd Offices at 1, G. Katsounotou Str., 3607 Limassol, Cyprus, tel. +35725860000. By accepting or/and using and/or travelling under the terms and conditions of the Carriage Agreement, Passengers accept all terms contained therein despite whether or not the ticket has been delivered to them or to a third person.

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